Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tex Mex Kitty

My friend Phyllis gave me a ridiculously cute Tex Mex basket loaded with goodies. Texas 2 step soup mix, Snow man soup, cookies, Hot chocolate mix, etc. I just love it!

Niblet liked it so much that he just moved right in!!

Wasabi says there is plenty of room for him!



ajunkqueen said...

Love the kitten bowl! I must try to find one for Cammi, She has been snuggling up to Zoobie, while it s been cold, he does well with her until she starts chewing on his feet.

Kjirsten said...

Gryffindor a.k.a the ginger fang is currently sleeping in my camera bag....I'd take pix but the camera's in there too and I don't have a death wish.

sassytrash said...

How adorable is that! How did they both fit into the basket? That is so cute! Nancy