Thursday, December 11, 2008

Great Rooms At Hotel Plantfreak

Yep, made herself right at home...and brought a friend!


I'm hoping it's only because of the cold weather. Maybe I'm supposed to be running an animal shelter instead of a plant nursery. All I know is that the animals are now coming to me. Truth be known, Mr. Plantfreak is the one who established contact first with these two, and he named Spunky. So there.


ajunkqueen said...

word spreads fast, you must have a great husband, wirh a soft heart. Animals know who's good.

Jacque said...

I once read "The Quality of a Man's Soul can be Measured by the Way he Treats his Dog!" Nice work, keep up the love...Jacque

Kjirsten said...

hee're not fooling anyone...I can smell a soft touch at fifty paces!!