Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My baby turns 15

Yesterday was my oldest son's (Cody) birthday. He turned 15 this year and I realized that he's not almost a teenager...he is a full-blown, smart aleck, peach fuzz on the lip, self-centered teen. I found myself looking at old pictures again. I've been sorting Mom's pictures to get them squared away for everyone.
Here are a few of pictures of Cody when he was a little guy.
Here is my brother with Cody when we brought him home. He was a monster at 9lbs. 7 oz.!
Cody spoiled me by sleeping through the night after 3 weeks. He was such a big eater that I had to start him on cereal and that would fill him up and knock him out all night.
Those cheeks!! Mom called him her "Sweet Petunia"
This was Cody's DUH look. He still does that.

This was the Christmas that the daycare came down with a raging case of lice (because some &$#$#$ parents didn't put in the effort to get rid of them). He was still pretty.

I have hundreds of pictures like this. Cody was/is my little ham. I have tears streaming down my face...partly because of nostalgia...and partly because Mom isn't here for Cody.

Christmas is looking a little bleak this year. There is just a grey pallor over everything for me...and since I'm the only person who takes care of the holidays...well, you get the picture.

Our one bright spot is that we are meeting Grandpa Sute and Page in Vicksburg, MS (it's halfway from Daphne, AL to Nowhere, TX) for Christmas. Actually we are meeting this coming weekend, and Page found the best Bed and Breakfast called Annabelle's. Check it out and www.annabelle@vicksburg.com

Happy Birthday Cody-Man! I love you even though you act like you don't care. God help me next year when he turns 16.

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Kjirsten said...

happy birthday Cody!! I'm sorry you're feeling low, Kimberley...{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} Thinking of you and all the residents of the ark.
cheers Kjirsten xox