Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Birthday-Number 4(and 5)

Like I said, December is a booger!!! Today is Ol' Man's birthday, and he's older than dirt. Sadly, it's also Mom's birthday. That's all I'm going to say right now about Mom,. I have to hit the road today and I can't afford puffy eyes.
Ol'Man has been in my life since I was 5. He has never considered me a step-child...I'm his oldest baby all the way. Cody and AJ are the absolute lights of his life as are all the grandkids.

Here is Ol'Man with my brother and my cousin Mandy. He has always loved kids. Of course we all know it's because he is just a big kid himself.

Just look at that cheesy mustache!! Mr. Plantfreak is sporting the exact same mustache this very minute. Just deliver me.

Here we are in all our sweater glory! At least we coordinated well.

I don't have any kid pics of Ol' Man right now. They are in the bottom of a huge box of photos that I'm currently sifting through.

Happy Birthday Ol' Man! Love you much.

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