Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Newest Project

I've been playing with my crafties again. The box below came from the paying job, it used to hold soap that smells like Frasier Fir. I prefer the candles myself, they smell wonderful! The company is called Thymes. Check it out at www.thymes.com
Back to the crafties! I saw the empty boxes and my mind started whirring around, "I could make something out of this". Sometimes I'm so much like my grandmother Nonie it's scary. She was a notorious packrat and I got the gene.
I'm working on several of these boxes but this one is the most complete. It still needs more, any ideas from my cyberbuddies? Sorry about the bad picture, this camera is still crap!I bought a papier mache box and just started covering it with a friend in mind. She loves crowns, crosses, gothic architecture, and tons of bling.

I lined the box because I think I'm going to put cookies in it. Cody has a concert on the 15th and they usually do silent auction/bake sale. I hope it helps raise a little bit.

I'm rather pleased with it myself.

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