Thursday, October 29, 2009


the most beautiful grandchildren ever! I did restrain myself and only posted 1/2 the pics. It's hard because they are just so adorable!

Oh my goodness, that hair!



Gage, I mean Blade

The queen Gianna

Ariel, aka: Joselyn

pumpkin Gianna

supermodel Joselyn

future major league star!
Are you awestruck? You should be!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Makin' Cake

I've been boring my friends to death about cake decorating. My latest project is a SpongBob cake for my friend's 4 year old. I was freaking out because the proportions were wrong and I had tons of boo-boo's, and I ran out of ingredients several times...but in the end I think I can be pleased with it.
SpongeBob is pretty wonky though. Maybe it's his cousin SpongeBillyBob.

Patrick turned out the best. Of Course I melted the first one and dropped the second one, so third time is the charm!
I hope they like it. Mr. Plantfreak slammed the box into the car seat when he was loading it (par for the course), and I'm afraid to look at it. Cross your fingers it makes it to Dallas today!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Oldest

I took my oldest clothes shopping the other day. ...and the stuff he picked was surprising. I guess in rebellion to my predilection for earth tones, he has gone in the opposite direction. He bought a belt that was black and stark red. Not something I would expect my son to pick (maybe my daughter). Cody is also into hoodies. The ones he really liked were $100 +. We settled on a $70 one and I gulped really hard at the checkout. What does it look like? Well, it's reversible with one side being black with white graffiti (not too bad), and the other side being black with bluish purple stripes. Hmm.

This is it but in red.

I just hope he doesn't end up looking like this.

Oh. Might be too late.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Playing At Work

Here is a little fairy garden I put together at work.
The planter itself is about $300 so you won't see me doing this at home.

By the time I turned into a $500 fairy garden!
Those are my little pumpkins that I made from polymer clay.
BTW, Karma has bitten me in the butt for making fun of the poop girl. I have gotten a particularly nasty intestinal condition and I've been absolutley miserable for days! Sorry Karma.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Did I Hear That Right?

I was on the way to work this morning and had to stop and get gas. As I was waiting in line a girl came in talking on the cellphone...loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Girl, I pooped last night and it was turrible!"

Surely I heard that wrong...

"I lost at least 2 pounds"

Ewwww, no I didn't. The 20 other people in the gas station heard it too.

And then she tried to give the two young guys in line the "Hey Hey" look. Girl,...don't do that.

People are just weird.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Someone Has Been Fluffing Again!

The boss at the paying job has been fluffing again. We have gone crazy for these head planters! This is a new style that we just got in.

Everytime we get a new plant in the store we have to stick them in the heads to see what it looks like.

Of course, we have a gnome-ey, faux bois, and mushroom display.

It's time for the annual fall display.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Where Have I Been!!!


I've had stories to tell, but I haven't.

In my defense, AJ (my youngest), has a new school program. This means he lays claim to the computer all day long for schoolwork. The only time for me to blog is in the wee hours of the morning and I just have not been coherent enough for that task. Aha! But today is saturday and AJ is still snoozing.

I've been playing with my clay again. Making flowers for my fairy garden. You know, for when nothing is blooming. I rather like them.

So...what's going on with you?