Friday, January 22, 2010

Labor Of Love

Well, not really labor, more like playtime. My friend Phyllis had a birthday so I made her a cake. Phyllis is my fairy loving cowgirl, so I made a fairy cake with a cowgirl fairy. Phyllis' fairy name is Fidget; hence the name on the cake.

Mr. Plantfreak built a base for me.

I covered with green fondant and tin foil.

I made a little troll. We all think it looks like a Vulcan George Bush. Heh. Heh Heh.
That's Phyllis/Fidget on top!
Phyllis was completely blown away!
She didn't want to cut it! But there was Chocolate involved so we made her.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What a Doozy!

Last night had some serious storms in our area. We had pea- sized hail...we had marble-sized hail...we had ping pong -sized hail...and we even got a few tennis-ball sized hail!

Devil dog went running outside, got about 15 feet out the door, got hit by hail, cocked her head and looked up (blinking real hard), turned tail and ran back inside. Jade the Psycho Puppy sat on the couch shivering in terror. Someone had to sit and comfort her so she wouldn't have a heart attack.

Some tornados were sighted but none got near Golden. We were very lucky!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bakery Delacious!

That's the name of my fantasy bakery. My friend Karen picked it out for me. If only.
In cake related news though, my friend Little Miss G asked me to do a cake for her son (his birthday is the 12th). He is an avid duck hunter so I made a duck hunting cake.

The ducks are flying everywhere!

Little Miss G works for Aflac, therefore, there was a need for the Aflac duck on the cake.
Can you see the gun coming out of the duck blind?

Man, there's a lot going on with this cake.

I hope he likes it!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and New year! We decided to do Christmas in Natchez, Ms this year. We stayed at a great hotel, The Natchez Grand.

What a Motley Crew!
We're standing by the Missippi River

Dad wanted to try the barbecue at the Pig Out Inn.
I have to say the ribs were awesome!
Phyllis! The pig is wearing cowboy boots!

Cody won the present jackpot this year! Grandpa Sute and Page bought him a car! Cody has been beside himself ever since, and has been bugging the snot out of me to drive everywhere.

That's about as much emotion as you'll ever get from the Cody Monster.
AJ got an awesome laptop from Grandpa Sute and Page, and I got cookbooks, cookie cutters and fairy fun, Oh my! Page definitely has my number! We had a great time, just not long enough to toodle around Natchez. We might have to go back for a weekend...when it's warmer...without kids...with spending money. Oh yeah.