Sunday, October 26, 2008

I won't be on the blog for awhile. My mother passed away last night.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sylwia's Mad!

Sylwia called to tell me she was pissed at me....for going to the Highway 80 sale. HeeHee, I had so much fun!!! I also got in trouble for not taking pictures of everything I bought so here are the rest of the photos.All of these came from one seller. I plan to take the frame apart and re-do with some butterflies since it's deep set. The wooden box is a coke box-inside is an old doorknob, and strings of old buttons. The jar above is full of old buttons too.I don't know why but I love these old wooden painted bowls.These are just some different containers, both have markings on the bottom but I'm pretty sure they are fairly common. Liked them anyway.
$5! It's not vintage but it blends in well.
These are some Garden Sage containers. I got the small french wire basket for 50 cents!!!Here are more little bits-another wire basket, metal bowl, some candlesticks (for a crafty venture), a perfume bottle, and a really cute horse for my favorite cowgirl! Shh, don't tell her.
These are the chairs I told you about. All I need to do is wipe them down and bring them inside.I got this old bucket and window for practically nothing. See the yellow cabinet inthe background? Yeah, that's been there for awhile...I really need to finish that project. Okay Sylwia, I think that's everything (ok I left out 3 things). Does that make you happy? You and Gaga better plan to be here next year!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A- Hunting We Will Go

I'm just now coming down from my junking high! Yesterday was the "historic" Highway 80 garage sale. It stretches down highway 80 from Mesquite TX thru Louisiana. What's a junkie to do but go!!! Mr. Plantfreak and I were down there at 7:30 am....and highway 80 was empty! I was highly upset until we saw that people were just starting to pull up and unload. Don't these people know that I was ready to shop!! We finally came home, not because we were broke, but because the truck was so full that I had to hold my breath in hopes that nothing fell out on the way home. I think I spent about $150 (I'm on a garage sale diet now) and I got a ridiculous amount of stuff. Next year I'm planning to go big time.

$20 for this cabinet people! My craft supplies are going to live here.
This suitcase was $3 and the shoe thingy was $2....suckers!
I think this was 50 cents
This cabinet was used for holding records I think. It was in great shape! $10 Holy crap!
This piano bench needs new hinges, and maybe some paint. Love it!

I also found a ton of hanging baskets and wire planters for The Garden Sage. One guy had 2 really good looking chairs (in great shape) and took $4 for both. In fact, one of them looked like the chairs Nonie had in her kitchen and the cane seat is perfect! I added to Cody's hat obsession with an army helmet, and I got some windows for $1 each. Plus, I got an assortment of other little things.

Only 364 days until next years sale!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Last Christmas, Sylwia (and yes that is the correct spelling) straightened Cody's hair. The boy has giant Brillo pad corkscrew curls all over his head! I tried it once... he took one look, and wet his hair down (little punk). Anyhoo, he looked completely different with straight locks:
Look out Hollywood! Here's your next teen heartthrob!

Sigh...I'm so old I can remember Leif Garrett and David Cassidy in Tiger Beat or some other crap like that. At least I've weathered a helluva lot better than Leif...I'm just much plumper. It pulls out the wrinkles. If I went bra-less I'd look 19 from the neck up...180 from the neck down. Eww, I just grossed myself out.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I found gummy eyeballs at Wallyworld the other day. Cody seems to really like them. Although AJ looks a little pained.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gaga's Visit

When Gaga came, of course we shopped ourselves out. This is Gaga's little present to me. I'm desperate for bookcases becasue I'm a bookaholic.

I put some of my Grandmother's crystal and glass on there. I found the mercury glass at Goodwill of all places. It's just cheapie stuff but I liked it.

I put my bug books and some of the overflow of my cookbooks. There are still so many more....

PS! Please ignore the ugly border wallpaper, it's a leftover from the previous owner. Believe it or not, it's the least offensive thing she did in the house. I think all her in her mouth!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Haven Update

Apparently there are calendars for sale at $10. Also, Dad sent me an article in the paper praising Page for her work. The last part is an ad-lib!

The Haven honors Sute as volunteer
Page Sute has been selected as The Haven animal shelter's volunteer of the quarter.
Sute has been volunteering at The Haven for two years. She has been to the shelter every week to walk dogs and give them a break from their kennel existence. Organizers said she does this quietly, with patience and care for each animal.
In addition, she's a frequent participant in The Haven's off-site adoption events, promoting the dogs to any potential adopters, organizers said. She also helps at various fundraisers and was one of the volunteers instrumental in gaining corporate sponsors for the facility's 2009 calendar.
"Page is always cheerful and willing to help in any way," said Kathie Ono, volunteer coordinator. "Although she's quiet, she's a very effective and important volunteer for The Haven."
The Haven is a no-kill animal shelter in Fairhope. Call 929-3980 for more information on volunteering.

(Actually, she's mean as a snake and treats me like a dog --- Sute)

The Haven

I just got a calendar in the mail from Page that was put out by The Haven, an animal shelter in Fairhope, AL. Page volunteers there and gets to meet the most unusual characters two-legged and four-legged! If you need a reminder that there is good in the world, just go to the website
I don't know if they have calendars left for purchase but if they do... and you get 4 has Rudy (Dad and Page's devil dog). Rudy was a haven pet.
BTW, if you get the calendar, be ready to squirt tears over some of the stories.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Want One!!!

Look what Sylwia made!

I want one! (pouting with lip stuck out)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Drunk Punks

How many of you have seen this at a party?

Page sent it to me and I just had to share.....

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cute Kidlet Pics

While Gaga was here for her visit I used her camera to take pictures...and since she didn't bring the cord to download directly to my computer, we went to Wal-Mart to put it on CD. You know how much I loooove dealing with Walmart employees (in general-I have family that works there and I like them slightly better). Anyhoo, what should have taken 10 minutes at the most became an hour long ordeal. Stupid Walmart.

The reason for that pointless rant was that I discovered Gaga still had pictures on her camera from last Christmas and every picture after that. Almost 400. But at least I finally got the pictures of all my nieces and nephews I've been waiting for and now I'm giving you a gallery of adorableness.

This is Katie: AKA Katiebug, or PrissyPants
These little thugs are Jacob (left) AKA Turkeybutt and Petey (right) AKA Stinky. I have better pics of both boys but I love this one...they think they are so cool.
You think they might be tired?
Petey looks totally disgusted.
This is Matthew the last of the grandkids (we hope). I haven't come up with a good nickname other than Fatboy. Look at those blue eyes.
This is Sarah. How can something this cute and adorable be so rotten? But she is. I need a good nickname for her. Sometimes I call her Demon child, but it might traumatize her later on...who am I kidding, she'll probably love it!
I don't want you to go into sugar shock so I'll slowly dole out these little cuties for your safety. Don't worry, I'm not posting all 400 pictures.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stay a Little Longer

Dad and Page are back in the country from their trip to Italy!! They must have had fun since the smiles are a mile wide in every picture.

What a pretty shot of Page and the countryside!This is Dad eating a either a cheescake or a huge hunk of cheese.Here's Page in front of the Bridge of Tears. I'm pretty sure that's it...there are so many bridges in Venice.This one is for the history books! Dad has never smiled before when taking out a credit card!

Dad took this picture because when he and I went to Venice we arrived at the train station early in the morning. The place was COVERED in sleeping bags full of traveling young people. I remember the nun's coming out and shooing them all away with brooms.

Dad wanted me to post this video. It's his favorite song. Dad's weird. And he has discovered YouTube. Heaven help us.

(I couldn't get the video to load directly on the blog. Sorry)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Watching The Rain-Quietly

Gaga and Ol' Man left yesterday morning after a hectic three days. We did 1st Monday, garage sales, and shopping in Tyler. Gaga was on a shop til you drop mission.

Here is just a fraction of the Canton Flea Market (1st Monday). We spent two days plundering through there and still didn't see it all. I'm going through junk withdrawals.

Ol' Man was just dying to see Cody march at a game (first time he's ever cared more about the band than the game)

He's such a cutie!

Here's a shot of Ol' Man and Cody. Cody looks might have something with the fact that Ol' Man embarassed the snot out him by talking to this little girl.

We're not sure but we think this is Cody's little girlfriend. He's not talking. She is adorable though! Maybe he'll introduce us when they get engaged (in hopefully about 10 years!!!).

Anyway, right now it's pouring down rain and all the animals are napping and it's blissfully quiet. SHHH!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gaga Update

Ok, Gaga and Ol' Man have arrived! Never got the cleaning done but I put a good dent in it! The dust is ridiculous though. We are heading out to Canton today! I'll take pics and post them when we get back. Wish me luck on finding some good junk!!!