Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas in Vicksburg

Christmas came early for the Plantfreak family this year. The boys and I met Grandpa Sute and Page at Annabelle's B&B and had a wonderful time!http://www.annabellebnb.com/ The place was gorgeous! The boys behaved the whole time...but when we got in the truck to leave, all the bickering they held back just busted out. I almost put them in the back of the truck (but I think that's illegal).
I think AJ had the most fun. He shopped with Page and me and found some little treasure to buy. He loved Borelli's, and had his own room in the guest house.

Here we are in front of the guest house where we stayed.
Cody is only smiling because Grandpa Sute was yelling at him to smile. Who knew that was what it took!

Page was such a trooper! She didn't feel well but she still looks great.

I'm including this picture with Grandpa Sute even though my eyes are closed like a dork. I did that in several pics. Typical.

I'll post more pictures of the place as soon as Grandpa Sute sends them. The place was just gorgeous! We stayed along the Mississippi river and shopped in the downtown area. There is a restaurant downtown called Borelli's that has excellent food. If you find yourself in Vicksburg and you're hungry....BTW the tiramisu was beyond fabulous!

The visit with the family did lift my spirits and yesterday I bought Santa which always makes me happy. I actually caught myself humming Christamas carols all the way into Walmart...then I actually went inside. OMG!!!! People everywhere acting like jackasses! How is it that everything I need to get is right in front of the old lady who needs to inspect every item on the shelf?! It's canned tomatoes lady, there is no way to screw that up.

Customers aside, the employees seem to think they have the right of way. I usually give it to them because they are (ahem) working, but the meat girl just never looked up to see if anyone needed to get by. The freezer guy blocked the entire walkway with his cart and beerbelly. The computer goober was nice even though he thought he was impressing me with his video game knowledge. Please little boy, don't insult me. Then there is the gaggle of employees laughing and jabbering in the middle of the main aisle and we can just go around thankyouverymuch.

No humming when I left.

PS. Merry Christmas everyone!

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