Friday, May 14, 2010

Bound To Happen

I'm doing a cake for my friend Karen. I actually did 2 really fabulous cakes for her last month and if I EVER figure out how to get the picture from my cell to the 'puter I'll post it.

Now I'm doing a graduation cake for her daughter. When I left for work this morning it was looking pretty good...

but when I got home it had fallen over. I almost cried. I'm re-doing the cake now. If I pull this off I will be the queen of cake!

Let you know.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

I have pictures that are so adorable you may go blind!

Ms. Joselyn is all about the Wildcats!

Let's play ball already!

Gage and an unnamed buddy mugging for the cameras.

I think they won.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Maybe Next Year...Not!

Okay, so May Days was not a raging success. We sold a little, but the crowds were thin. In fact, we sold more in one day at Gypsy Market than in 3 days of MM.

We were, however, rich in drama! The second night, the pawpaw in the next booth had a heart attack. I felt so bad for him and his wife. We helped shut down the booth while they were on the way to the hospital. He is going to be okay though.

Next day, I'm talking to a couple pof ladies about plants when a vendor runs up screaming at the ladies and digging through their cart. Turns out they had stolen a bunch of merchandise. Man!

About an hour later my brother and his kids along with my friend Phyllis come walking up and Bubba was purple he was so pissed. Turns out one of the carnival people had pulled a fast one and got $60 from Bryant. Bryant was going to go back and beat his ass, but since I really don't have room to raise his children for 5 to 10...and the fact that I AM big sister, I marched off to complain. I found the person in charge of the carnival and we confronted the guy. He tried telling us that he told Bryant he had "four for one". My reply was "What the hell does that even mean! WE don't speak carnival!" Asshole. I got the money back.

And when I thought the drama was over....I look up to see the police escorting my oldest (the brilliant idiot) and his friend to me. Turns out they ran out of money and started panhandling (because it was too far apparently to come and ask me for more money). When that got boring
the friend started asking people if they wanted to buy drugs. On what planet does that sound harmless or funny?! One fo the kids turned out to be younger than they thought and his parents called the police. I would have done the same.

Cody doesn't think he should be punished becasue he didn't say it. But I'm pretty sure he egged it on. And I'm pretty sure he thought it was hilarious until the cops showed up. And I'm pretty sure he is going to be on lockdown for quite awhile!

I'm also pretty sure I'm skipping May Days next year.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Yesterday was the first day at May Days in Mineola. As we were waiting for customers, we overheard one of the workers in a golf cart drive by and say "They're selling plants? Every time I sell plants...I go to jail!"

Wow. Maybe you should change your product and marketing. Here's a tip: Cannabis=Illegal, Coreopsis = Success.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Long Weekend Past, Long Week Ahead

It's been busy at the paying job. It's been busy at the non-paying job too. This coming week is going to be a booger! I have to work at the paying job Mon-Thurs, get off there Thursday evening and go sell my stuff at Mineola May Days. By the end of Saturday we should be good and pooped!

But hey, I'm the plantfreak and Spring is the most busy for the plant world.

I guess I better put it into 5th gear.