Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sucking Up To The Boss

Okay, Let's just say the morning did not start well. I had some bad Karma hitting me this AM. Cody had Pinkeye and a Dr's appointment that took forever. Internet was down and I couldn't process orders. Plus, I had to finish a birthday cake that I made for my boss. I know, I'm a suck up. I do have an ulterior motive though, I'm hoping that this will induce her to buy more of my plants (BTW, my perennials look fab-u-lous!).

My boss, Laurie, loves fairies! She really, really, loves fairies. So, I made a fairy ring cake. Here are the results:

Notice the lime green fairies dancing around the fairy ring? I know, it's a little cheesy, but I think it was a hit. What a booger to make though!
This is the lovely raspberry sauce stain I made when the bottle fell over. My oldest son Cody had a moment of clarity and worked hard to get the stain off while I was out. Now if he could only keep that clarity!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Calling in Sick

Sorry everyone, I've had a bad case of stomach flu and haven't posted in awhile. Check back in a few days and I'll try to come up with something other than my dinner!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Just Playin'!

It was nice and sunny yesterday-still very cool though. So, I got out and did some work in the greenhouse. My friend Phyllis brought some pots for me and I've been on the look-out for wire baskets to plant. I finally got the time to do it. Who knew you could have so much fun with garage sale finds and dirt! Two weeks from now is when the real work begins. I've just ordered 5,000 plant cuttings and about 600 plant plugs. I'll be a planting fool for about 2 weeks. Of course I did time it to arrive right before my brother and sister-in-law come to visit. I plan to make them work for their dinners! The boys don't know it but they are going to help too. I'm sure the first question will be how much do I get paid?!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentines Cookies

Let me start by saying it is a ridiculously cold and dreary day today. Blechh! I'm ready for sunshine and warm weather.

I spent the weekend making cookies for a friend of mine. Her little boy is going to give these out to his class.

Each child is going to get a cookie with their name (I'm not totally in love with the results) and then a smaller cookie. The dragonflies are for my friend Phyllis. I still need to practice but I bet the kids won't have a harsh critique. I'm picturing dirty mouths and icing coated shirts. The parents are going to love this!

Friday, February 8, 2008

First Sale

Holy Cow!! I already have my first sale! Thank you Sarah from NC! My millions are trickling in as we speak. I guess I need to list more stuff now.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Etsy

Well, I finally got my some of my plants listed on http://www.thegardensage.etsy.com/. Go take a look. Now I just sit back and wait for my millions (giggle). That reminds me...I need to check my lottery numbers.

It's cold today!! Yesterday was nice and warm, then came the rain and baseball sized hail! The hail took out 2 schools in the town just south of us. Crazy. I did get to take cuttings yesterday. I think I could play with plants from sun up til sun down.

That's all I've got today, no silliness, no rants...just a shameless plea for people to buy my plants. Just give me another day, I'm sure the tide will change.

Monday, February 4, 2008

New Member Of The Family

I'm a sucker, really I am. If some yahoo had a box of kids giving them away for free telling me some hard luck story....I'd have an orphanage by now. Instead I have my own animal shelter. This is the newest member of the family. AJ has named her Angel, although I think she's going to be quite the opposite.
She wants to play with the big dogs sooo bad, but they want nothing to do with her. I think she will wear them down soon enough.
Our cat Ears seems to like her. He stalked her all day long and watched her while she slept.