Monday, October 6, 2008

Watching The Rain-Quietly

Gaga and Ol' Man left yesterday morning after a hectic three days. We did 1st Monday, garage sales, and shopping in Tyler. Gaga was on a shop til you drop mission.

Here is just a fraction of the Canton Flea Market (1st Monday). We spent two days plundering through there and still didn't see it all. I'm going through junk withdrawals.

Ol' Man was just dying to see Cody march at a game (first time he's ever cared more about the band than the game)

He's such a cutie!

Here's a shot of Ol' Man and Cody. Cody looks might have something with the fact that Ol' Man embarassed the snot out him by talking to this little girl.

We're not sure but we think this is Cody's little girlfriend. He's not talking. She is adorable though! Maybe he'll introduce us when they get engaged (in hopefully about 10 years!!!).

Anyway, right now it's pouring down rain and all the animals are napping and it's blissfully quiet. SHHH!!!

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