Sunday, October 19, 2008

A- Hunting We Will Go

I'm just now coming down from my junking high! Yesterday was the "historic" Highway 80 garage sale. It stretches down highway 80 from Mesquite TX thru Louisiana. What's a junkie to do but go!!! Mr. Plantfreak and I were down there at 7:30 am....and highway 80 was empty! I was highly upset until we saw that people were just starting to pull up and unload. Don't these people know that I was ready to shop!! We finally came home, not because we were broke, but because the truck was so full that I had to hold my breath in hopes that nothing fell out on the way home. I think I spent about $150 (I'm on a garage sale diet now) and I got a ridiculous amount of stuff. Next year I'm planning to go big time.

$20 for this cabinet people! My craft supplies are going to live here.
This suitcase was $3 and the shoe thingy was $2....suckers!
I think this was 50 cents
This cabinet was used for holding records I think. It was in great shape! $10 Holy crap!
This piano bench needs new hinges, and maybe some paint. Love it!

I also found a ton of hanging baskets and wire planters for The Garden Sage. One guy had 2 really good looking chairs (in great shape) and took $4 for both. In fact, one of them looked like the chairs Nonie had in her kitchen and the cane seat is perfect! I added to Cody's hat obsession with an army helmet, and I got some windows for $1 each. Plus, I got an assortment of other little things.

Only 364 days until next years sale!!!

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