Monday, October 13, 2008

Haven Update

Apparently there are calendars for sale at $10. Also, Dad sent me an article in the paper praising Page for her work. The last part is an ad-lib!

The Haven honors Sute as volunteer
Page Sute has been selected as The Haven animal shelter's volunteer of the quarter.
Sute has been volunteering at The Haven for two years. She has been to the shelter every week to walk dogs and give them a break from their kennel existence. Organizers said she does this quietly, with patience and care for each animal.
In addition, she's a frequent participant in The Haven's off-site adoption events, promoting the dogs to any potential adopters, organizers said. She also helps at various fundraisers and was one of the volunteers instrumental in gaining corporate sponsors for the facility's 2009 calendar.
"Page is always cheerful and willing to help in any way," said Kathie Ono, volunteer coordinator. "Although she's quiet, she's a very effective and important volunteer for The Haven."
The Haven is a no-kill animal shelter in Fairhope. Call 929-3980 for more information on volunteering.

(Actually, she's mean as a snake and treats me like a dog --- Sute)

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