Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sylwia's Mad!

Sylwia called to tell me she was pissed at me....for going to the Highway 80 sale. HeeHee, I had so much fun!!! I also got in trouble for not taking pictures of everything I bought so here are the rest of the photos.All of these came from one seller. I plan to take the frame apart and re-do with some butterflies since it's deep set. The wooden box is a coke box-inside is an old doorknob, and strings of old buttons. The jar above is full of old buttons too.I don't know why but I love these old wooden painted bowls.These are just some different containers, both have markings on the bottom but I'm pretty sure they are fairly common. Liked them anyway.
$5! It's not vintage but it blends in well.
These are some Garden Sage containers. I got the small french wire basket for 50 cents!!!Here are more little bits-another wire basket, metal bowl, some candlesticks (for a crafty venture), a perfume bottle, and a really cute horse for my favorite cowgirl! Shh, don't tell her.
These are the chairs I told you about. All I need to do is wipe them down and bring them inside.I got this old bucket and window for practically nothing. See the yellow cabinet inthe background? Yeah, that's been there for awhile...I really need to finish that project. Okay Sylwia, I think that's everything (ok I left out 3 things). Does that make you happy? You and Gaga better plan to be here next year!!

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