Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stay a Little Longer

Dad and Page are back in the country from their trip to Italy!! They must have had fun since the smiles are a mile wide in every picture.

What a pretty shot of Page and the countryside!This is Dad eating a either a cheescake or a huge hunk of cheese.Here's Page in front of the Bridge of Tears. I'm pretty sure that's it...there are so many bridges in Venice.This one is for the history books! Dad has never smiled before when taking out a credit card!

Dad took this picture because when he and I went to Venice we arrived at the train station early in the morning. The place was COVERED in sleeping bags full of traveling young people. I remember the nun's coming out and shooing them all away with brooms.

Dad wanted me to post this video. It's his favorite song. Dad's weird. And he has discovered YouTube. Heaven help us.


(I couldn't get the video to load directly on the blog. Sorry)

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