Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cute Kidlet Pics

While Gaga was here for her visit I used her camera to take pictures...and since she didn't bring the cord to download directly to my computer, we went to Wal-Mart to put it on CD. You know how much I loooove dealing with Walmart employees (in general-I have family that works there and I like them slightly better). Anyhoo, what should have taken 10 minutes at the most became an hour long ordeal. Stupid Walmart.

The reason for that pointless rant was that I discovered Gaga still had pictures on her camera from last Christmas and every picture after that. Almost 400. But at least I finally got the pictures of all my nieces and nephews I've been waiting for and now I'm giving you a gallery of adorableness.

This is Katie: AKA Katiebug, or PrissyPants
These little thugs are Jacob (left) AKA Turkeybutt and Petey (right) AKA Stinky. I have better pics of both boys but I love this one...they think they are so cool.
You think they might be tired?
Petey looks totally disgusted.
This is Matthew the last of the grandkids (we hope). I haven't come up with a good nickname other than Fatboy. Look at those blue eyes.
This is Sarah. How can something this cute and adorable be so rotten? But she is. I need a good nickname for her. Sometimes I call her Demon child, but it might traumatize her later on...who am I kidding, she'll probably love it!
I don't want you to go into sugar shock so I'll slowly dole out these little cuties for your safety. Don't worry, I'm not posting all 400 pictures.

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