Thursday, October 16, 2008


Last Christmas, Sylwia (and yes that is the correct spelling) straightened Cody's hair. The boy has giant Brillo pad corkscrew curls all over his head! I tried it once... he took one look, and wet his hair down (little punk). Anyhoo, he looked completely different with straight locks:
Look out Hollywood! Here's your next teen heartthrob!

Sigh...I'm so old I can remember Leif Garrett and David Cassidy in Tiger Beat or some other crap like that. At least I've weathered a helluva lot better than Leif...I'm just much plumper. It pulls out the wrinkles. If I went bra-less I'd look 19 from the neck up...180 from the neck down. Eww, I just grossed myself out.


Kjirsten said...

hee hee, it happens to us order to get the bags under my eyes back where they belong I'd have to relocate my nostrils to the back of my THERE'S a picture for ya!!!

Plant Freak said...