Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Phyllis Ingalls Wilder

When I was unpacking my things to put in my little cabinet, I found a box with some old bonnets. My Friend Phyllis has always admired Tasha Tudor (that's an understatement). TT is a children's book writer and was very eccentric. I say "was" because she passed away about a week ago. Anyway, one of her eccentricities was that she dressed in period dress...full antebellum gowns and bonnets, etc.

Now I don't think the bonnet is vintage. My grandmother had a gown made for a 1976 parade so I bet it's circa 1970's. I doubt I'll ever display one much less multiple bonnets so I brought one for Phyllis.

I think she liked it. She makes a bonnet look good.
I also got pics from my dad of the visit to Mineola

This is Dad(looking happy), Cody(looking bored), AJ(looking uncomfortable), and me (looking pretty pudgy).

Here is that same crew minus Dad with Page and of course she looks perfect.

Page is yukking it up cowboy style.

These are pics of the B/B that Dad and Page stayed in for the night.

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