Sunday, July 6, 2008


It must be the fertilizer we use at the paying job because babies are popping up everywhere!

This is one of our designers Mica, her husband Jose, big brother Ashton, and little Aiden Cade (I hope I spelled that right). He was born last week on the 26th I think. I love the next picture.

That's a much better reaction that when Cody first met AJ. He smacked him on the head with a toy car!

Sheila, our bookkeeper, had her first Grandbaby on the 1st. Little Miss Macy Lynn! I have a beautiful picture on my phone but for some reason (probably operator error) I can't get the pic to show up in my email. I live so far out in the middle of nowhere that cell phones don't work at my house. Therefore, I can't email myself unless I'm miles away. Ridiculous and complicated, Hello my world!

Yep. I think it's the Special Mix fertilizer, and all I can say is...keep that S#*&##$@ away from me!!!!

PS~ Kjirsten, I'm working on the scans next week and I'll do the tag in the morning. Have a wonderful day!

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