Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Have Wheels Again

My car broke down last week (timing belt) when Mark was on his way home from work. So I missed the last 2 days that I was scheduled to work. I have to be honest and say that I really enjoyed my domestic time. The boys and I giggled and talked (when they weren't arguing, jeesh!) I cooked and piddled with my craft stuff and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Except when I decided in my infinite wisdom that I would walk to the post office. It's at the other end of my road but anyone who has been to my house knows that's at least a mile. Well, I had a pick up ticket for mail and I just knew it was a book I had purchased ( that I didn't want Mark to see). I also sold a teapot and had to mail it so I thought "why not, it will be good for me".

I set out walking was a pleasant walk to the post office. I was sweating like a pig by the time I got there (it was 97 that day) and the little girl behind the counter was a bit snippy. I guess I interrupted her favorite show (they have a TV with a satellite!). The packages got mailed and I realized I undercharged for shipping. That's just great. I got my packages...not my books. This wasn't the lovely outing I planned.

I went ahead and walked over to the little store to get a drink and it was weird but this candy bar jumped into my hand. Even though the cashier mistakenly charged me I didn't feel like correcting I kept the candy bar. As I'm walking back I try to open the bottle but the cap wouldn't turn. Apparently it was defective and the perforations were never cut. I tried everything, using my shirt, hitting it on something, gnawing on the damn bottle like a hyena...nothing worked. I even tried to use the barbed wire fence to cut apart the lid and ring. Now, me + barbed wire. That's a scary thought. Did I mention the broiling heat, and the fact that the candy bar coated my mouth. I was dying!!!

I never got that stupid #&%@%#& bottle open until I got home. I had to lay down for about 30 minutes. My feet were killing me! Next time I'll ride a bike...or better yet drive.

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