Thursday, July 24, 2008

Plantfreak Sr.

My dad called last night, (actually so did my other dad) and happened to mention that he had rooted several crape myrtles. I thought he meant from my grandmother's house until he mentioned that there were several different varieties he "acquired" from the area. He was pretty quick to say that the branches he took were all from the easements; therefore, rationalizing that they were fair game. Oh please, I've been "pinching" for years, or as I call it...judicious pruning for others. I can see the next step will be Dad rooting around old homesteads looking for plants to appropriate. It's funny to see him get in touch with his inner plantfreak. I just thought it skipped a generation.

Pretty soon Dad and Page will start planning vacations that center around botanical gardens like Mark and I do. Just remember to take your cooler for cuttings and some paper bags for seeds. I happen to have some incriminating photos of Mark helping himself at Callaway Gardens...just in case.

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