Monday, June 30, 2008

How I Spent My Day Off

This past Friday when Dad and Page came in to town they brought a "little"present. I mentioned to Page that I was running out of room for all of my grandmother's stuff (90% of it is fragile, antique, extremely delicate, etc.) So she found a china cabinet for me. What a great surprise! BTW, The painting on the wall is my grandmother's house .

Once I started unpacking, I found things that I don't even remember boxing up when my grandmother passed away. Like this little sampler:Nonie had it hanging in her house but trust me, there was no dirt. Finding this led to more treasures that needed hanging. I realized I now had a collection of pitchers so I put a few on the dresser. I think there is still more in the boxes~the many, many, boxes.I found a ton of old linens, maybe I should put one or two under the pitchers? I'll take pictures of the linens (when I get them ironed so be prepared to wait)
I also found her little butter presses and some milk bottles. Saturday on the way to work I stumbled across this little shelf and voila!... Hillbilly decor! I like it though and the shelf is hanging in my dining room.

It was so hard to figure out exactly what I wanted to put in my new cabinet. Nonie had handpainted china, a complete set of antique china, tons of antique tea sets, and so much glass I was afraid a bull was going to charge through any minute. So I put what I found first that sort of matched. One good thing though, I can change the contents with my mood. Considering the hot flashes and chin hairs that have arrived, that might be every week.

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