Friday, June 6, 2008

Frogs and Dogs

Let me done tole' you 'bout my day yesterday. My friend Karen came by to see all my babies~two'legged, four-legged, and root-bound. She got the tour of everything but the house because it's just gross.

While we are looking around, Devil Dog (you know which one) is having a ball over at the edge of the woods. She's flipping and rolling and just living it up. Then it dawns on me...that's where Mark dug up the septic tank line~which needs to be replaced. OMG. As she starts loping towards us I see this nasty, dank,black stuff coating her and the blood just drained out of my face. It was all we could do to keep her away from Karen. We herded Devil Dog to the lake and she happily splashed herself clean. GAG.
We quickly left and went to lunch at La Waffalata in Mineola. They have the best food and dessert. They also have a flavored tea everyday and this time it was Jasmine Tea. Yum!

On a lighter note, we have a little baby shower for Mica at work today. She is about to pop! I found the perfect little baby gift (on Etsy of course).

It's a baby set with a burping cloth, onesie, bib, and taggie. I guess the taggie is like a woobie, or a boo. Not a clue. I absolutely love the froggies! The stitching on this stuff is impeccable. I got it from . She also has what she calls a feeding is a little kit containing all you need for feeding time. Brilliant idea!
I also picked up some handmade soaps for a little birthday present for my friend Barbara. The peppermint smells awesome! I bought it from . I love Etsy. Lily Bay also had soap to go. It looks like a deoderant stick but it's soap. Why can't I have these kind of ideas?

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designsbynana said...

Thank you so much for the addorable "pug" I really appreciate your kind words. If I ever need any succulents(sp???). Please correct me if they are not called that. I will keep you in mind. Also , When my spirits will get back to normal( I am not sure when?) I will start my blog again. and plant freak will be featured, because it is hard to find such a beautiful vibe(Ora)now days.
Thank you again,