Friday, June 13, 2008

Wonderful Surprise

Ok, so I'm supposed to be cleaning house. And I was...until I found this box that was packed up with some craft stuff. It was my grandmother's and it's marked "Mama's Recipes". Inside was this treasure trove of cookbooks. I absolutely love cookbooks. Some of these date back to the early 30's. My grandmother once told me that when Papa Moore had his general store, one of the first in Foley, AL, that the sales reps for companies were always giving them little freebies. I imagine that's where Mama Moore got all these. There is Arm and Hammer, Folger's, Sunkist, and even Jello. I know where my "packrat" gene came from.

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Kjirsten said...

OMG!! I'm the recipe queen!!! email me any good ones!!! I'll trade with you!!!