Sunday, June 1, 2008

Being Silly Is Hard Work

Okay, at the paying job fairies are a big deal. In fact, fairy gardens are becoming a big deal everywhere. Just google 'fairy garden' and see what you get. I haven't come across any half-naked guys frolicking in the tulips so you should be safe.

I was at First Monday~it's a monster flea market~ and walked by some cypress knees a guy was selling. They screamed FAIRY HOUSE at me. So I bought. I finally finished one house. Put your silly hat on and give me your harshest critique.

Ignore the mess on my table.

Any ideas or suggestions on how to improve the next one? I bought several and Mark says I have to make the houses before we get anymore.

1 comment:

Kjirsten said...

omg I like it even better than the hurricane Katrina houses!! Change my order, quick!!