Friday, July 10, 2009


Please send your prayers to Page's family in Mobile, AL. Her father "Bub" has passed away. I met Mr. Hope when Page and Grandpa Sute got married and I've always thought he was just the sweetest man. Whenever we had a family gathering at the cottage, you could just give Mr. Hope good food, good conversation, a beer, and a place to sit by the water and he was a happy camper.

When I got the news I shed tears, not just because of his passing, but also because I hate that Page has to go through that pain. It puts a terrible hole in your heart. I wish that I could do more for her...this is the downside to living 10 hours away from family. I know that she has Dad and also a wonderful family and she will be okay.

Like I said, send your prayers and good thoughts South.

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Kjirsten said...

Please pass on my thoughts and prayers xox