Sunday, July 5, 2009

Inside The Paying Job

The boss at the paying job has high end decorating tastes...therefore we carry a lot of high end decorations. It's amazing to see what will sell and for how much. But it sells, and that's the point! She also loves to rearrange, or "fluff' as we call it. Here are some of the vignettes she has fluffed lately.
Gnomes, mushrooms, and Faux are a few of her favorite things.

I was absolutely in love with this pot and thought about getting it for Page as a gift at some point...till I saw the tag. $110 for the pot and $20 for the plant. Maybe lime isn't a good color for Page......I gaurantee this will sell though. They always do.

Laurie decided to have a fairy tea party and invited all her friends. I should have gotten closer pics, because there a re a lot of little details in here that are really cute. If you click on the picture and look close up you can see some of them.

Here is a shot of the full table. I am in love witht hte seahorse for some reason. Maybe because I miss the beach a little? The owl reminds of Harry Potter.
More gnomes, mushrooms, and Faux Bois. I think Laurie is the reason I'm on a mushroom kick. I have to admit I've come to like gnomes and Faux Bois too. I just can't afford most of it.
When Laurie re-fluffs I'll take pics and post them for you.
Folks, I have added a new blog to my blog list. It's Common Ground. You should pop by there and say hi!

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