Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ruby Ruth

I posted pictures a few days ago of Ruby Ruth, my grandmother's sister who died as a young girl. Grampa Sute sent me pictures of Ruby Ruth's headstone as well as Jimmie Ray, her brother who also died very young. Nonie told me about both but I guess I merged the two in my mind not realizing that Mama Moore (my great grandmother) lost not one but two children. I know the infant mortality rate was pretty high back then but how sad is that to lose two children!
It says that Ruby was born in 1893 or 1898~can't tell. She died in 1901...thirteen years before my grandmother was even born!

The baby in Papa Moore's lap is Jimmie Ray. I think he died really young, because I don't have any pictures of him other than as an infant. The young girl is Ida Lou who was born 12 years before my grandmother.

Dad said that they put the lambs on the headstone to identify children that had died. I didn't know that. Dad took these pictures when he was in Rutledge, AL which is where my grandmother was born. The Moore family didn't move to Foley, AL until 1929, right after the first Great Depression. I say first because it looks like we are heading for (already in?)another depression.

Have an interesting day!


Carla said...

how bitter sweet. thank you for sharing:)

Anonymous said...

Interesting family history Kim! I've been doing my family history & it is so interesting to find out new stuff!