Friday, February 27, 2009

It's a Gloriosa Day!

Yesterday did not start off well...First I had to actually go to work. Boo-Hoo. I was okay once I got there...until the "Happy Couple" came in. They did not like anything and complained about the price of trees, "We've more than doubled the price of our trees". Ok, when did you buy your trees? "Four Years ago." Really. Have you watched the news lately ? Or maybe bought...I don't know...ANYTHING in the last four years? Mrs. HC bitched about that both times they came. Yes folks, they walked out telling me the tree was too much - and then came back to spread more of their sunshine around. One of the designers saw them and ran. She said she did a design for them a few years ago and they were just awful people. Yay!

Then, to make my day even better...they turned my water off. I called to say it wasn't working and they told me I didn't pay. Of course I did! Didn't I? I pay all my utilities once they arrive. She told me she sent a notice, and a cut off notice. Ok, really, if I had seen that I would have paid. Do you think the post office girl reads my blog and got pissed? Or maybe I interrupted her show one too many times. The lady at the water company even mentioned that they might have put it in the wrong box. I think that might happen quite a bit. I get Box # 279 all the time- I'm 219. Ok, fine I have my check card and I'll gladly pay to get it back on. " Sorry, we're not set up to do that." You have got to be kidding! This means that I have to leave work in Tyler and drive my usual 45 minutes to personally pay the bill. Come on folks, give me a break. Just as I was about to leave the Water people called back and said, "We've been talking (I think maybe four people work there) and we will turn your water back on but you need to drop off the check tonight so we see it in the morning. OMG, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Small towns are the best! Do you think the water people in Dallas would have done that? Me neither.

All right, now for the best part of the day! I asked Page the other day if she and Grandpa Sute could send me some Gloriosa bulbs. My grandmother grew them for years and years and years. She was known for her flower arrangements with the gloriosa flowers. When she passed away we had the florist do her casket spray with all gloriosas. It was just breathtaking. Her yard would be just a sea of red in the summer and once we moved to Texas I started to miss them. Every time I visited Alabama it was either the wrong time of year or I was just too busy to dig any of the bulbs.
Isn't that a beautiful flower? It is the only vining bulb in the world. There are little tendrils on the tips of the leaves that grab on to anything and let me tell you the tendrils do not let go! When we first moved to Alabama I dug up a bunch of bulbs trying to clean out a bed and I didn't want to just throw the bulbs I put up a little sign in my driveway to sell them. I sold $100 the first day. That's when I decided I could sell plants for a living. And so began my Plantfreak life.

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Jacque said...

That was a great story and I love that flower, I don't believe I have ever seen them growing.