Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cattle Wranglin' in Texas

Okay, it's official! I'm a Texan cuz I've been cattle wranglin'! Okay so maybe it was just a calf, but I still got him back into my neighbors corral. Although I almost let the horse out. Did you know that cows like sedum? Oh yeah. He didn't get much though because Jade, Angel, and Spike told him to get off their land.

It only took about an hour. I even nailed up the boards where he busted out. Maybe I'll check out some ranches around here and see if they need any help. Yep, ranch hand, that's me.


Jacque said...

The grass must be greener on your side! Cute little guy. Jacque

Phyllis said...

I love cows; he is so cute!