Monday, February 16, 2009

Nifty, Nifty!

Mr. Plantfreak is fifty! What an old fart! Of course I have to post pictures of his glory days!
Believe it or not he still has that exact same smile/smirk!
Howdy Pardner!
Uh-oh! The hair is getting longer!
Oh Crap! It's hippy dippy time!
Here we are on our wedding day with Mr. Plantfreak's youngest, Jamie.
This photo was for a big family portrait at the beach. Of course he would not smile! Not once.
We went out to eat Saturday night for the birthday boy and tonight I'm baking him a cake~can't decide between pineapple upside down (his Favorite), or Devil's Food with maybe a chocolate ganache filling (his other favorite)...could do both...probably won't though.

Happy Birthday! I love you even though you are older than dirt!


Carla said...

Great pictures!!! Happy birthday to your OLD man:)

Kjirsten said...

AWWW....see, romance isn't dead, just really really old. Happy Birthday Plant Man!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday mark!