Thursday, January 22, 2009

Giveaways, Gossip, and Twilight

Ok, I have several things to talk about today...

First, I just found two wonderful giveaways. is giving away a gift certificate to her etsy store and there are some gorgeous items to be had.
Also... is giving away some journals that she made. My entry is for the Holly Golightly version.

Ok, so my friend Rhonda sends me an instant message and all it is is a link.

At first I didn't recognize this person until I saw one of the alias names....that was our class homecoming queen!!!! Un freaking believable!!!

I'll admit the young boys/men are way better looking these days than when I was in high school...or maybe I'm just so old I can't remember back that far, but Ewww! They are little kids! I mean Cody is 15-my child!

Rhonda says she was always a little "giving" at least to the guys. I know that's an ugly thing to say but in the words of Forrst Gump, "Ugly is as Ugly does" and what she did was UGLY.

And she was convicted not once but twice! And she's flippin' smiling in her mugshot! Just too bizarre.

Ok, now that I've given my opinion on that subject let me sigh over becoming a Twilighter. I fought the good fight against becoming a 40 something Mom obsessed with Twilight and Edward Cullen....I lost. My friends at work had the books, I hadn't read a fictional book in years (they are always how-to books), and I thought why not see what all the fuss is about. Got sucked into that vortex by Chapter 4. I think it's all about striking that chord in the teenage girl we used to be. Prince Charming, storybook romances, and all that garbage we used to dream about.

I have to say that the Author (Stephanie Meyer) is a wonderful writer. My creative little over-imaginative brain saw every scenario she described. At times, those images brought out emotions I didn't expect...but then again, I have night sweats and hot flashes and tiny little (ok really big and ugly) chin hairs popping up. Draw your own conclusions about the emotion thing.



Lola Enchanted said...

Wow, thanks for those links!!!

Hope you have a fantastic day!

Kjirsten said...

EEEEUWW!! Throw the key away!!!
Some people never get over their princess years. And I WARNED you about THOSE BOOKS!!! I still haven't moved on....every time I think about reading something else I get withdrawal symptoms.

Laume said...

LOL - I can't say I'm obsessed, but I did read all four books and I'm surrounded by Edward lovers - my DIL, my sister, friends.... I had a really weird twist on the norm, I actually liked the movie better than the first book. The visuals were so gorgeous!

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Read them all -- have you read "The Host"? Totally different. The first 30 or so pages are confusing as heck, but then you GET it and can go back and reread and go AHHHH, that's what was going on. And then it gets really really good.