Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthday Dish

Oh Kjirsten! If only I could have that kind of Birthday again. I'm afraid I'm such a lightweight these days that one drink would knock me out in 20 minutes.

I played hooky from work all week and went in on my Friday. My son said "what kind of person stays home all week long and goes to work on her birthday?" To which I replied (in a very smartass way) "A person who's getting a birthday lunch complete WITH cake!"

I've been on my low carb diet for 2 weeks now, and I splurged on Friday. Karen made a fabulous creamy mushroom and wild rice soup to which she added roast beef. I'm drooling just thinking of it. Andy being the lone guy in the group brought bread. Bread! I miss bread. I was as excited about the bread as I was the cake! I threatened to put the bread on top of the cake and eat it.

The cake! Red Velvet, one of my absolute favorites(courtesy of Phyllis)! Grandmother Sage used to make it and was it good! Mica brought fruit salad soaked in a ginger syrup. Yum! To that we added spinach salad, and some bread dipping sauce. Highlight of my day!

I also received a birthday gift in the mail...Grandpa Sute and Page sent me a cookbook! Yay! If you know me then you know that I am obsessed with cookbooks! I read them like novels.

This book has a ton of old southern favorites, new southern favorites, and southern with a twist. Has anyone ever tried Bacon Pralines? At first I thought; Ewww!, but then...might be good.

My friends at work also got together and bought me a gift card to Kiepersol Estates. It's a local Texas winery, and I have become a huge fan of Texas wines.

My buddy Barbara who knows my cooking obsession got a subscription to Cooking with Paula Deen. I cannot wait!

So...not that wild and crazy. But I'm too out of shape for wild and crazy, so this one was just perfect! Maybe if I start training now for next year....

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