Saturday, January 3, 2009

Facebook Revolution, Redneck Innovation

A friend finally got me to join Facebook. Don't ask me to explain because I'm not sure what the heck I'm doing on there. It's kind of like a network of people and there is a running thread as if you are talking to all your friends.

You can send each other virtual drinks or virtual gifts, join "clubs", post pictures, etc. What I do know is that there are an unbelievable amount of people that I went to High School with on there. I'm seeing names I haven't thought of in years...and some that I can't remember to save my life.

I had a "cute" little nickname in school bestowed on me by Timmy Hebert, the resident hottie of 9th grade. Wonder what he looks like now. Hmmm...I probably don't even want to know. Ok, so the nickname was a play on my maiden name which is Sute and it rhymes with booty. I'm not sure people at that school even know my first name, and I know I haven't been called Sute Booty in about 100 years...until Facebook.

One of the guys, Chris B. posted a ton of pictures and sent me down memory lane big time. One picture got me laughing though and it had nothing to do with nostalgia...

It's a...

wait for it...

Redneck Fire Alarm!
You just have to know that I find Redneck inventions hilarious! Say what you want but redneck inventions show ingenuity. It ain't purty, but it works.

Some inventions are out of necessity.



And some redneck creations are made to show individuality and flair.

I know that some of these are manufactured for the sole purpose of making fun of rednecks, but some are real and I hope all of them leave you with a giggle. Try to look at things in a redneck way for a day...If I don't have it, I'll make it! If it breaks I'll just make it work. And if it's boring, I'll make it "speshul!"


Rhonda said...

I so love the fact that I got you to finally join Facebook!!!! I knew you would have a hoot and you would be called your old Nickname!!!!
Facebook is an 'older' version of myspace but it does get a little immature'ish at times...
All and all, it really is great to get back in touch with people that we went to school with and see what the heck is going on with them and looking/laughing at some of the wild hairstyles and clothes we all thought were HOT at the time!!!
I love reading your Blog, makes me reflect and I can even kinda hear you saying this stuff to me...
Know I love you, Sute booty....
BTW, What is your first name again???
hahahahahahahahahahaha...You gotta let me know how centipede is and if you are kicking the boys butts on it!!!
Love ya,

Denise Elizabeth -HopeTreeStudio- said...

You are so funny! Denise

Candy said...

OMGosh!!!Have not laugh so hard in a long time. The smoke alarm and flat screen t.v. are a hoot. And I am just weird enough that I really like the trailer park condo.Followed over from My Vintage Studio, and glad I did.Thanks for the laughs. Candy