Friday, January 9, 2009

New Finds

I've come across some interesting new blogs that I thought I might share with you.
This blog gives techniques on altered art, inking ,and even a little clay in there. It's perfect for a newbie like me!
This artistic blogger has some great ideas to share!
Both of these blogs would be considered gothic and slightly macabre, but I love some of the antiques they post. I also like their unique imagery and presentation.

I have more blogs to share with you but not enough time. I have to show up at the paying job once in awhile! Enjoy the blogs and have an interesting day!


Jacque said...

The Gothic Rose site you posted happens to have a store front not far from where I live,she has a very interesting presentation, Crystal (the owner) is very creative with the Goth look, I sell at local flea markets and it is always fun to see what she will buy from me and even more interesting what she does with it! Thanks for sharing some good sites. Jacque

Kjirsten said...

left you a goodie on my blog, cheers Kjirsten xox