Monday, January 5, 2009

Holy Cow! A Year Already?!

Today marks the one year anniversary of my blogging endeavors. I'm shocked! 2008 was an up and down year for me, and it shows on the blog. I look forward to sharing my world with you for yet another year!
I promised the other day to post pictures of my grandmother Nonie. And here they are!
Nonie is the looker in the middle. I think they were doing their sexy pose.
I just love this picture of Nonie in the pigpen. She was a total germophobe (made up word) in her later years!

Dad said he found this picture torn up. I guess Nonie didn't want anyone to see her in a bathing suit. She didn't look too terribly thrilled with the photographer at the time either.This is a shot of Nonie and my grandfather looking very Great Gatsby. Definitley a sharp dressed couple.

Raise your glass to another year of fun blogging!


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ajunkqueen said...

I love how stylish your grand parents were. These pictures are a treasure for you.