Friday, May 8, 2009

Free Empanadas

Last night I got home to find Mr. Plantfreak sitting on the bed with his bottom lip stuck out. We were supposed to have fajitas for dinner and after he grilled the fajita meat and began slicing...he knocked the entire plate on the floor. OMG. Nothing else was ready to cook so we jumped in the car and headed for Taco Bell.

Mr. Plantfreak wanted to go in and order but what is the point of getting fast food if you actually have to get out of the car. We get to the intercom and make our order, last of which was THREE apple empanadas. This was the girl's response "Well sir, not only do we not have FREE empanadas, but we are completely out of them". We stared the the intercom for a minute with our mouths hanging open...and then started laughing so hard I thought I was going to wet my pants. She really thought we were demanding free empanadas. How many people do you think want their empanadas free?

Her excuse was that she can't hear well in the earphones. So you made the jump to free...when we ordered three of something else you were fine. Whatever, it was funny and a good giggle for the day. Free empanadas. Snort.

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