Friday, March 20, 2009

My World

Ok, I'm home alone, worked my butt off today, watered my plants, ran the dishwasher, dammit I'm sitting down!

So, let's recap my week, shall we?

Monday, I went out to work in the greenhouse and there is a stupid cow standing under my magnolia tree. Crap. Let me go round him/her up. Cow was not having that idea. Cow ran all over my property (through my plants) as well as the neighbors yard and came close to falling in the pool. Finally, after 6 hours of me making sure it didn't get too far away from the corral...the dogs chased it so much that it sailed over the fence (while I was fumbling with the gate). Oh just deliver ME! I worked in the greenhouse all day (in between cattle wrangling) potting plants, taking cuttings, etc. Devil Dog showed up with another completely disgusting item...looked like a very well-aged wild pig's foot. I'm still cringing at the thought. Penny, my cat climbed on the couch next to me and proceeded to urinate which makes the third or fourth time she has done that. Sounds like a urinary infection...Oh Joy! There's another $100 out the window.

Tuesday, Mr. Plantfreak calls me at 7:30 am, Hmmm, that's kind of early. "I have a flat tire" he says, "and I can't find the jack in the car". Oh Goody, let's drive in pea soup fog for a 1/2 hour to watch the hubby change a tire. Mission accomplished. I put together orders and take the cat to the vet. Hooray! The regular receptionist isn't there and taking her place is the assistant who for some unknown reason hates me. And she be a big Ol' country girl! Scary! "I need the Dr. to check out my cat, she seems to be" I start to say..."You don't have an appointment do you" I don't think I need to describe how she said that, it's pretty rude no matter what tone you take. No I'm thinking, I don't know how to schedule my pets illnesses. "Well, the Dr. isn't here all day and I don't know when he can see her" was the next sneer I received. "He's not here?" was my innocent inquiry and the scathing reply was "He's here right now but he's leaving early, he'll have to try and I don't know if he'll have time. Ok, shithead now I'm getting pissed. My snarky remark was maybe I should come some other time (like never). As I'm leaving, another customer comes in and that freaking heifer was all smiles. Un-flipping-believable!

Wednesday I worked and it was busy but uneventful. Then I got home and decided the visit my awesome little fig trees that I painstakingly planted Monday. OMFG! One tree is laying on the ground with the top bitten off and another has the top 12 inches just hanging down. I found suspicious paw prints that just screamed Devil Dog. I will kill. BTW, Cody left the dogs inside and they tried to dig out through the carpet. Just lovely. Also, the Happy Couple came back in today and I didn't have enough sense to run~I will not make that mistake again.

Thursday, actually a good day. I weeded my veggie beds and planted 26 tomato plants. My damn back was locked up tighter than Fort Knox. I hate getting old.

Today was insane at work...I started lunch at 12:30 and just gave up at 3:30. Got nothing done it seemed but answer questions. I don't mind questions but really, don't spend an hour and a half quizzing me about every fricking plant only to decide to think it over (and spend nothing)Ever hear of google? Just a thought.

I'm just tired really. And I work tomorrow. That should be just fabulous.

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Kjirsten said...

Is it safe to come in??? I promise not to write anything stupid or pee on your couch. Hope next week improves...if it doesn't you could always come here and do my third session of personal training, while I herd the cows and snark at the receptionist. Kjirsten xox