Monday, March 16, 2009

Figgy Pudding

I got the best bit of mail this week! Grandpa Sute bought some fig trees for me...and you know they couldn't be regular old figs! I got five-count 'em FIVE- different awesome fig trees! One is called Patrick's Supergiant and makes fruit that are around a 1/2 lb in size. That's just nuts!
I also got an Italian White Fig (below), a Mystery X fig that came from an old homestead in GA, a Tennessee Mountain Fig, and a green Ischau Fig (from Japan).
OK, that's not me although I am that excited about the trees! These a stock photos from the nursery where Grandpa Sute bought the figs. It's called TyTy Nursery and the address is and the pictures are downright weird! Awesome varieties though, check it out!

I cannot wait until these start producing!


Carla said...

wow, maybe a little fig 'overload'? Nope not possible:)
Good for you! May they live long and prosper:)

Jacque said...

I have a fig tree that came up in my yard random, I let it stay because the tree is very pretty, the figs are small and white and the birds usually get them!~Jacque