Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Funkadelic Mushrooms

I've been playing with my polymer clay lately and I finally figured out how to make canes. That's where you roll out a design into a long log and everytime you take a slice, it's the same design. I had the hardest time getting that to work! Some of the designs look like millefiori (you know those old glass paperweights with the glass flowers inside) and that's exactly what they are called. Here are my canes so far:

I'm having the best time with this stuff! I feel like I'm in kindergarten again with the play-do. Does anyone remember back to the stone age when play-do meant those funky grey chunks of clay the teacher would pull out of a jar. I digress...

Here are some of the mushrooms that I made for fairy gardens. I don't know why I've become fascinated with fairy gardens. I think it's the miniature factor, and the silliness factor. Or, it could be that I have a better chance of landscaping a mini garden before I will have a chance to get my yard in shape.

Laurie (boss at the paying job) let me borrow this little faux bois pot to display my mushrooms. At work I planted some of these with sedums and let me tell you they are so cute!!

I think I have a mushroom fixation too. At least it's not the illegal kind.

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