Saturday, September 13, 2008

Batten Down The Hatches!!

It's coming straight for us! Hurricane Ike is just past Galveston right now and headed for us. We have wind right now but it's not bad...give it a couple of hours. The rain should be here soon. I'm almost positive we will lose power, we always do when it's a heavy rain. When that happens we may be out for awhile. Although how would you know since I haven't been diligent with my posts.

We're ready for the storm! Batteries, check. Food, check. Propane for the grill, check. Ice and water, check. I also made an emergency run to Hobby Lobby and bought a polymer clay pasta machine. I'll have something to do during the storm. I guess the kids are SOL, I'm not sure how they will handle the technology withdrawal.

I let ya know how things turn out.

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