Friday, August 29, 2008

Want To Giggle?

Here's a little giggle for you! One of my favorite blogs posted a link to this blog . It's pictures of screwed up and weird cakes. I was looking at them and the boys ended up giggling with me. Well, not Cody, he's to cool to giggle...he just chuckled.

BTW, Cody is officially a high school student now. I still remember his first day of kindergarten when he came busting out of the doors with chocolate milk covering his little white shirt. He was wound up that day talking nonstop about what he did in school. I picked him up from band practice after his first day of school on Tuesday (because he missed the school bus on Monday and neither Mark nor I knew about it) and he was exactly the same way. At least he's finally quit whining about his hair...we cut it for school and he had a total meldown because it was too short. I thought that was a girl thing.

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