Sunday, June 19, 2011

Please Explain

Why someone would steal from Goodwill? Is that 99 cent item really that great?

Don't get me wrong...I'm not being all high and mighty, but really?

At Breedlove's AKA the former paying job, I dealt with mostly high end customers with money to burn. Now, I see those that are struggling from day to day. I see 25 year old women with no teeth, kids with dirty clothes, men in their 40's that are beat down from years of hard labor making them look 60, and I'm reminded on daily basis that I've got it pretty damn good. I may not be raking in the dough...but I've got all the necessities and more than a few luxuries. Happiness is relative. There are things that I "can't live without", but I know that I can...and still be happy.

The people that are stealing? They aren't the folks I mentioned before, those people work for what they get and are glad for it. I'm talking about the twitchy people, the ones that are on drugs. Then there are the people who steal for fun, they don't care what Goodwill is about they just want to get over on someone.

The money from sales at Goodwill goes to help people with special needs live a productive life, and to help those same twitchy people get back to a respectable life. Every time someone pulls up with a donation, I feel like it's a party! A) It gets us more product for the floor B) that's one step closer to our quota, and C) it helps keep people employed.

Now that I've gotten on my soap box, I've come to the realization that the very people I'm trying to stop from stealing won't even read this...they have already hocked their computers. Dammit!


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