Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yesterday was D-Day And.....

Grandpa Sute's birthday! Yikes! How could I possibly let him have a birthday without embarassing pictures! Grandpa Sute was born on the actual D-day, so I always got that question right on history tests.

If it wasn't for the ancient tricycle...this could be me or Cody. We all looked just alike as babies.

This shot was for the high school yearbook. Class Clown I think. Now I know where Cody gets it. Apparently Dad was quite the prankster as a teenager, and I heard several stories of his hi-jinks when I lived in Foley.

Dad was on the football team, and I have to add that they were undefeated the four years he played. Coincidence? He doesn't think so.

This is a poicture of Mom and Dad at an 8th grade dance. I used to have that dress...Mom was so petite that I fit into it when I was, oh, about 12.

I think this is in front of the High School.

Anytime we were at Nonie's house she insisted taking a picture in front of the mantel.

Here is Grandpa Sute giving Cody his first tractor ride.

And this is Dad with AJ down at the river cottage.

Happy Birthday Grandpa Sute! We love you!

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