Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Granpa Sute went to plant something the other day in a spot where an old tree stump had rotted out. When he started digging...he found quite a treasure...snake eggs! UGH! Does he do what normal people do, like cover them back up or destroy them? No! Grandpa Sute is trying to hatch the nasty little things.

Page told Dad she saw the top egg moving. Gross!

Dad sent me an email saying that Page was very excited about the impending birth(s) and was busy picking out baby names...to which Page promptly sent an email telling me that the only names she was picking out was what to call Dad when the damn things hatch!

Honestly, the whole thing just makes my butt pucker!

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Kjirsten said...

EEWWWW!! I'm with you, girl!!