Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer School

Ok, so the freakishly cool spring/early summer is now GONE! Plant sales are dropping and I'll turn my attention to my crafties. At least part of it. Once Mr. Plantfreak finishes the second greenhouse I plan to fill it up with plant babies for next year!

Yesterday was Cody's first day of summer school. He's taking English II to get ahead in his classes. A mature move you say? I thought so too when he agreed to go...until the morning of the first class. Then it was pouting and "You said I had to...this is so gay!" But some of his friends are there-I hope at least one or two is getting ahead rather than catching up. He's a little better now. He's actually speaking to me again. But is that really a good thing?

Since I have to take Cody to school Monday thru Thursday...I'm only working at the paying job 2 days a week. Doesn't seem worth it, huh? Thank goodness for commission! This gives me time to catch up at home:cleaning, plants, veggie garden, playing, that damn nasty garage where Mr. Plantfreak smokes...Has anyone seen Scary Movie 3 where Queen Latifah is the psychic, and she goes to stub out her ciggie but the ashtray is full, so she stuffs it into the drawer. Yeah, it's like that. Gross.

Today I'm headed for the paying job's Ladies Day Out. We are going to tour 4 gardens that the designers have done. I'm especially excited about 2 of them. I'll take pics if I'm able.

Here's a tip for sinus sufferers: Don't take non-drowsy meds when you are going to bed(it was all I had). You'll be flip-flopping all night and bouncing off the walls at 4 in the AM. I figure by the second garden today I should be crashing like a meteorite.

I'm off to get another cup of coffee...like I need it.

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