Thursday, April 9, 2009

Granny Plantfreak

Mr. Plantfreak is just a couple of years(9) older than me and he has two grown girls, and three of the most beautiful grandchildren on the face of the earth. They have been in Italy for the last three years (military) but now they are back in the states. Europe must be crying. Joselyn-not sure what she is doing .
What a doll!
This is Gage- or as I like to refer to him...Mini Mark! My grandmother met Gage when he was just a tiny baby and the first thing she said was that he was a carbon copy of Mark. I didn't believe her then but I certainly do now.

Here is a pic of all three kids. Mr. Plantfreak wanted to know who the twins were with Gage. Ummm....we are looking at pics of YOUR grandkids. Sometimes all you can do is shake your head.
Here is a shot of the baby, Gianna. Unbearably cute!!! She has Mr. Plantfreak's eyes. I don't know about his smile since he is a grumpy old grizzly. Gaga bought him a coffee cup with Grumpy on it when she came out. We always said that the grandkids should call him that instead of grandpa. It fits.

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trash talk said...

Grumpy instead of grampy...I love it! They are darling and I can see why you are so proud of them. Their smiles just melt the heart.