Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back In Texas

I came back from AL yesterday. The trip was harder than I was the first time I had been back since Mom's funeral. The closer I got, the faster the tears fell. Add some family drama and the visit became a roller coaster of emotion.

Positive parts of the trip...
I bought a cargo trailer on the way down. Most women want jewelry, but not me! I like non-title vehicles.

Saw Dad and Page and we went to our collective favorite restaurant, Vinnie's. BTW, if you are ever in Daphne, AL, you have to go to Vinnie's! And if you go on Friday night...just walk in and yell "Hey Sute (Sootee)!", and Grandpa Sute will most definitely smile and wave.

I had lunch with my ABFF (that's Alabama Best Friend Forever) , Vicki. Funny, we picked up right where we left off as if I still lived in Foley.

Bought some seafood!!!! I miss fresh seafood. Grandpa Sute told me how to cook oysters on the grill. Get an aluminum muffin tin and plop butter, garlic, parmesan, etc. in with an oyster and put it on the grill. When the oysters begin to curl, remove and eat. It was nirvana! We threw in a dash of tabasco just for giggles. Now I wish I had bought more oysters.

Brought back some plants from Grandpa Sute's. He sprouted some Loquat trees from seed and sent them back for me to sell.

I got my baby back! AJ is back at home and up to his same old tricks. He and Cody have actually, dare I say it, (whispering) gotten along. I hope that doesn't jinx it!

Negative parts of the trip...well, I'm not dwelling on that. I'm trying to cut down on negative energies (and people). It's bad for your health.


Carla said...

Isn't it great to 'choose' your own memories? I'm shooting for the happy ones too.
Glad you had a safe trip:)

Anonymous said...

Garden Sage or Garden Sute???

Kjirsten said...

Sending positive vibes may have to turn them upside down's a southern hemisphere thing.