Sunday, August 3, 2008

Take Notice

You know how sometimes when you have something around for awhile you jut don't notice it or rather you know it's there, but it's always there. That sounds stupid but you know what I mean.
I had to take Cody to the bank the other day, when we started his savings account they gave us the wrong paperwork or something and we had to re-sign everything. Anyway, we get there and the little tellers had the dumbfounded deer in the headlights look and called for the little manager. Who was all of 23. And really cute. So I proceed to tell her what we need and she pipes up "Oh! Mark's boys!". 'Scuse me?! I know this is a small town...but really? She remembers my Mark? As we're signing, she's just chatting away and exclaims that she's so glad she won't have to harass Mark anymore about the paperwork. Okaaaay. "Oh and tell Mark I said Hi!" I'll be sure to do that.
I guess I didn't take notice of Mark anymore because I see him at his worst, grossest, and most unattractive. But if cute little 23 year olds take notice of him I better start doing the same. Usually the people who take an instant liking to Mark are gay men, and the nastiest convenience store checkers. Must be the blue eyes-that was the first thing I noticed.

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